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Submersible Pumps

TP PUMPS offers a wide range of Submersible Pumps –
Including Leader 1200 pumps and Scuba Pumps.

For more information please contact
TP Pumps on 01769 579487

Submersible Pumps
Leader 1200 Submersible Well Pump for Clean Water
Leader 1200 Submersible Well Pump for Clean Water

A plastic bodied submersible pump ideal for use in deep wells. Can be coupled to a remote pressure vessel system to provide an automatic pressurised water supply for domestic use. Also ideal for garden irrigation systems.

TP PUMPS offers the Leader 1200 Pump Click here for details.

Scuba –Close Coupled Submersible Well Pumps
Scuba –
Close Coupled Submersible Well Pumps

Scuba - We stock a range of heavy-duty stainless steel submersible pumps for water supplies from deep wells and reservoirs.

TP PUMPS offers the Scuba Close Coupled Submersible Pumps Click here for details.


Submersible pressure pumps with built-in integrated electronics, designed to automatically start and stop the pump on demand, thus not requiring a pressure tank.

TP PUMPS offers the Divertron Click here for details.