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Shakesby Iron & Manganese Filtration – by TP Pumps

In many parts of the country and particularly in the South West, water supplies from boreholes and wells can contain unacceptable levels of Iron and Manganese.This can cause an unpleasant taste and also discolouration of sinks, baths, washing, dairy equipment etc. The build up of deposits can eventually result in partial blockage of pipes, ballcocks etc.
Furthermore, it is now a legal requirement for all private water supplies to comply with the required standards of the Private Water Supplies Regulations 1991.The maximum permitted levels for Iron and Manganese in drinking water are 0.2 mg/l and 0.05 mg/l respectively. (200 & 50 μg/l).

The Shakesby range of filtration units have been designed to remove high levels of iron and also manganese simply and efficiently with minimal maintenance requirements.

Shakesby have designed an advanced range of filters that all use the available water pressure to induce air into the water which then comes into contact with a catalytic filter media. This has the dual function of accelerating the oxidation process and retaining the resultant precipitates. This unique air induction system ensures that efficiency levels are maintained for longer and servicing is less frequent. Since the oxidation takes place within the filter itself the danger of iron deposits obstructing pipework is minimised.

After a pre-determined period the accumulated oxidation products are automatically washed out of the filter. An advanced air scour system makes this backwashing action extremely efficient and greatly increases the interval between services.


The Shakesby range of filters are backed by over 30 years of research and continued development. The large number of Shakesby units TP Pumps have installed locally over the last 20 years or so have demonstrated their long term efficiency and reliability.

Shakesby EB Range

These units operate from pressurised systems and are designed to treat typical domestic water supplies where the iron level is no more than 5 mg/l.

Shakesby ET Range

The T and SVT filters also operate from direct pressurised systems but will remove higher levels of iron and manganese and are designed to handle continuous flow rates over long periods. (e.g dairy farms, campsites etc.)

Shakesby ED Range

These units are designed to fit into open ended delivery systems where the water is pumped directly to a storage cistern or reservoir.
In the vast majority of installations a single filter unit will remove excess levels of manganese in addition to the iron but with certain complex waters some manganese may remain in solution after initial filtration and can cause colouration on coming into contact with chemicals in dairies or swimming pools. This can be remedied by passing the water through a second smaller green sand filtration plant which will remove the final traces of excess manganese.

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